Board Members


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Al Azhar Islamic Foundation
Dear  friends and members of Al-Azhar Islamic Foundation
Assalamu  Alaykom

The AIF Election Committee issued the attached report of the results of the nomination process, the nominees and the election results based on the submitted nomination from members in good-standing; those who paid the membership dues for the year 2014 and/or 2013. 

I want to congratulate Dr. Muhammad Eissa for the new AFI president, Brothers Osama Ismaeil and Ahmed Hassaballa for reelection to the Board and Sister Simmi Grover for election to the Board.

The AIF Board of Directors will be formed from the following Brothers and Sisters: 
Osama Ismaeil
Fiaz Ahmed
Yeldez Amer

My best wishes and prayer for the 2015/2016 Board, may God help and guide them in every step you take to serve the Faith and the Community.

Many thanks to the Election Committee for the effort they put in communicating the election information to the voting members and conducting the election process.

Best Regards,

Omar Khalil
AIF Outgoing President