Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Tafseer Halaqa (Qur’anic Interpretation Circle)

The first Tafseer Halaqa (Qur’anic Interpretation Circle) was held between Maghrib and Isha prayers of Thursday, April 30th, 2015. We discussed the first chapter of the 30th part (Juz’ Amma). The discussion was lively and engaging. Thanks to the active participation of the attendees and their thoughtful input.


The chapter (surat) of “Al-Naba’ (the ‘Great’ News) dealt with the challenge of believing in the Hereafter or Day of Judgment as it was faced by the Mecca community during the early days of Islam. The first half the surat highlighted the power of the Creator as evidenced by what humanity can obviously and tangibly sense (creation of earth, heaven, moving mountains, pouring rains, growing plants . . . ). The might of the Creator of all of that assures His power to bring us all to be accountable for our deeds on earth during our life-times and be judged in the day of “al-FaSl”.


The second half contrasted the punishment for those disbelievers and rewards for the believers. The Qur’anic wisdom is made relevant to our daily lives on earth throughout the ages. We have to be conscientious  of our accountability and aware of our acts in our life on earth.




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